FIT now an Antibiotic Guardian

November 16th, 2021
The Fungal Infection Trust has been appointed as an ‘Antibiotic Guardian’ in the UK. It will promote the safe and appropriate use of antifungal agents globally through its research and education programmes. The main avenues for the FIT to enable this are through its LIFE program and its microscopy and histology course at

The FIT did suggest that the term antimicrobial might be preferable to antibiotic… Maybe in the next iteration of this program, this will be adopted.

3rd Essential Diagnostics List Launch
January 29, 2021
WHO accepts rapid tests for life threatening fungal diseases aspergillosis and Pneumocystis pneumonia as ‘Essential Diagnostics’
The World Health Organisation, today issued its 2020 Essential Diagnostics list and included both rapid tests for invasive and chronic aspergillosis and Pneumocystis pneumonia.