Educational videos, slides and podcasts from LIFE

These videos, slides and podcasts are designed for healthcare workers and cover multiple aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of fungal infections.  There are several videos about antifungal therapy including surgery, about diagnosis – taking samples correctly and procedures in the laboratory, radiology and about each fungal infection.
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LIFE webinars

A series of webinars are available to provide full details on several diagnostic tests. Each starts with an introduction of the indications for testing, has a section showing how one of more different lab procedures are carried out and finally how to interpret the result.
Beta D glucan detection
Cryptococcal antigen  
Aspergillus antigen  
Therapeutic drug monitoring of antifungal agents

Advances Against Aspergillosis & Mucormycosis lectures (Lugano, February 2020)

The organisers of AAAM 2020 have kindly provided the full versions of many of the talks and posters to share with the mycology community. These include video and slides from the AAAM 2020 conference with English and Chinese subtitles.
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