Partnering with the Fungal Infection Trust.

Damp and mould

Allergy & asthma and the indoor environment are strongly influenced by fungi. We know that a damp working environment is bad for everyone’s health and one of the first signs that you and your staff are working in a damp environment is the appearance of those tell-tale moulds on the walls and ceilings. Sometimes there is no obvious sign yet several staff members complain of allergies, headaches, sore/itchy eyes. Engaging your team to eliminate damp & mould is a great way to build a caring working atmosphere – not to mention a healthy atmosphere!


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Is anyone in your office an asthmatic or the parent of an asthmatic? The likelihood is that they will be as one in ten of us are. Did you know 50% of severe asthmatics may well be sensitive to fungal spores that float in the air we all breathe? From a cake sale in the office or taking on a challenge, fundraising is a fantastic way to get your staff engaged, build solid teams and encourage leadership skills. The money you raise will continue our fight for everyone affected by fungal disease: aspergillosis, candidiasis, allergy, severe asthma to name a few.