Fact sheets on priority fungal infections

GAFFI has created fact sheets on several fungal infections identified as its highest priorities. Three are primarily complications of AIDS and immunosuppression (cryptococcal meningitis, Pneumocystis pneumonia and disseminated histoplasmosis) and one is a complication of tuberculosis and other lung diseases (chronic pulmonary aspergillosis). The others occur in those with normal immune systems and are ‘implantation mycoses’ or injury related and occur primarily in tropical countries, so are NTDs. More general information on NTDs can be found here. For more detailed information, please download the fact sheets below.

Cryptococcal meningitis Fact Sheet

Cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS (100% mortality undiagnosed and untreated, >75% survival with best treatment)
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Pneumocystis pneumonia Fact Sheet

Pneumocystis pneumonia in AIDS, cancer and other groups (100% mortality undiagnosed and untreated, >80% survival with best treatment)
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Disseminated histoplasmosis Fact Sheet

Disseminated histoplasmosis especially in AIDS (most common in the Americas) (100% mortality undiagnosed and untreated, >90% survival with best treatment)
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Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis Fact Sheet

Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis following TB and other pulmonary diseases (slowly progressive, destructive lung infection with high morbidity, ~15% annual mortality, over 60% response with oral therapy)
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Neglected Tropical Fungal Diseases [NTFDs]

Fungal keratitis Fact Sheet

Fungal keratitis following eye injury (if untreated usually leads to blindness, 75% visual recovery with antifungal treatment of mild/moderate infection)
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Chromoblastomycosis Fact Sheet

Chromoblastomycosis (chromo) a neglected tropical skin disease of poor agricultural workers and curable in the early stages.
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Application to the WHO for adoption as an NTD

Sporotrichosis Fact Sheet

Sporotrichosis (“gardeners” disease) is a broad term used to describe a chronic granulomatous fungal disease, mainly of the skin and lymphatic vessels acquired through traumatic inoculation (implantation mycosis) or by inhalation of conidia.
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Mycetoma Fact Sheet

Mycetoma is a deep subcutaneous and bone disease characterised by massive deformities and disabilities with an enormous negative impact on patients and communities.
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Paracoccidioidomycosis Fact Sheet

Paracoccidioidomycosis (PCM) is a systemic endemic mycoses with important morbidity and mortality in Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina.
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