The Fungal Infection Trust (FIT)

The FIT is an Incorporated Charity registered with the Charities Commission (No: 1147658). It is also a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England & Wales (No: 8031174).

The FIT was registered as a charity and incorporated in April 2012 as a successor to the Fungal Research Trust (FRT) which was originally registered as a charity in 1991. The Trustees of FIT were also Trustees of FRT. They are also Directors and Members of the Company. (see Trustees).

The FIT is funded primarily from private donations. It also funds its Aspergillus Website with donations from pharmaceutical companies.

The FIT’s objectives are:

  • to promote education about fungal diseases and the role of these fungi in allergies,
  • to support scientific research into these fungi and the illnesses associated with them
  • to improve the diagnosis and treatment of fungal illnesses and to support the training of specialised scientists working in this specialised medical area.

The FIT achieves these objects by giving grants and financial support to researchers into fungal diseases.