The Microfungi training course is for health professionals working in direct microscopy and histology of fungal disease. It requires registration, but is free to access, and can become a resource over time. The course is accredited by the UK’s Royal College of Pathologists and those who successfully complete the course earn CPD/CME points.

The course is designed to teach the identification of fungal infection by direct (wet) microscopy or by histology in a full range of tissue specimens. These skills will assist a speedy diagnosis of fungal infection in patients and improve the chances of early treatment. The courses are illustrated with many images and are supplemented with quizzes, tests and slide presentations to assist learning. Each module has pre- and post- assessments and is completed with final assessment tests and a formal certificate when successfully passed.

Module 1 – Basic microscopy, stain preparations and staining techniques
Module 2 – How to use basic microscopy methods on wet mounted samples from a wide diversity of human tissues (18 hours credit)
Module 3 – An introduction to histology and identification of fungal elements in many human tissues (24 hours credit)
Module 4 – Advanced skills in histology for identification of uncommon and rare fungal diseases (30 hours credit).

The Microfungi training course is available in 5 languages, use the links below to access the language versions:

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