The Fungal Infection Trust launched the Leading International Fungal Education (LIFE)website in 2012 in English and Spanish. The objective was to provide a structured summary of the common fungal diseases and pathogenic fungi for everyone, with the top pages of the website using text understandable by everyone, with more technical language as the topic was explored more deeply.

In addition, a summary of key diagnostic tests and important antifungal drugs is also provided. In 2016 a section of clinical guidelines was added and numerous teaching videos hosted on the LIFE YouTube channel.

News articles to support better diagnosis and treatment or significant breakthroughs in the filed are listed in News.

The LIFE-Worldwide website has now been renamed Fungal Education. The whole website is in English and Spanish.

Key sections are:
  • Fungi
  • Fungal infections
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Guidelines
  • Educational videos
  • Microfungi microscopy course
  • Webinars

Additional sections including training courses, burden of fungal diseases and colections of links for different medical specialities.