The Aspergillus Website was launched in 1998 by the Fungal Research Trust as a service to the community of doctors and researchers. It is the most comprehensive source of information about Aspergillus and the diseases it causes available on the internet. Over 100,000 pages are viewed monthly from 170 countries. Registration is free and allows access to many important resources such as full texts of published articles and delivery of a free monthly newsletter summarising key new findings in the field and multiple links.

The Aspergillus Website includes many sections which are unique. Examples include:
  • What is Aspergillus and aspergillosis in multiple languages, written for the lay person
  • Conference abstract website allowing access to 16,500 abstracts from 1974
  • Over 14,000 full text publications
  • A unique collection of 831 historical articles, including the first descriptions of Aspergillus species and new diseases forms of aspergillosis
  • A historical timeline of Aspergillus and fungal disease
  • A database of secondary metabolites and mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus
  • Antifungal drug-drug interaction (DDI) database for prescribers, pharmacists and patients
  • Summary of herbal remedies interacting with antifungal drugs
  • Major section on animal diseases caused by Aspergillus
  • Large selection of videos of patient stories, lectures, laboratory experiments, clinical procedures and operations
  • How to treat different forms of aspergillosis with a listing of all older papers allowing a historical perspective of each disease concepts
  • PhD theses in Aspergillus and aspergillosis
  • Powerpoint presentations from the world’s leading experts on different aspects of aspergillosis
  • Laboratory protocols
  • Images of different species of Aspergillus, pathology and clinical disease including Xrays and CT scans
  • Sections on prehistoric fungi, biodegradation, geo-microbiology and Aspergillus, fungi in the air, case histories and antifungal stewardship