LIFE Worldwide’s mission statement is to improve health outcomes for those with fungal diseases or allergies, by delivering free medical education materials and providing the latest news and guidelines to clinicians and medical lab staff around the world.

Every country faces a different set of challenges when dealing with fungal diseases. Every healthcare system is different, and may be limited by factors such as funding and the availability of treatments in that country. High-quality education in multiple languages can help everyone involved make the best use of what resources are available.

To support the development of fungal disease study, LIFE Worldwide have built a new online educational hub:

This new resource is aimed at university-level students, post-graduate students, early career healthcare professionals, lab technicians and those with a subject interest in fungal diseases. The website contains learning resources in a variety of formats including links to latest guidelines, clinical lectures and lab procedure videos. You can also access a free online microscopy course: The resources are available in English, with a Spanish language version in production.

LIFE Worldwide Managing Editor, Professor David Denning¹ says:

“I am very pleased to announce the launch of this unique global education resource. Fungal diseases are a worldwide phenomenon and can result in poor outcomes, and often death for those affected. By providing a comprehensive, free-to-use resource I hope that we can work together to improve clinical practice and build our knowledge of these ever-evolving conditions”.

Users will still be able to access the previous website for the next four weeks. After this all traffic will be directed to the new site:
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¹Professor of Infectious Diseases in Global Health, The University of Manchester. Scientific Director of the Fungal Infection Trust. Chief Executive of the Global Action For Fungal Infections (GAFFI).