In the US magazine National Geographic, Connie Chang highlights the additional coming threat of more and resistant fungal disease linked to climate temperature extremes.

She summarises a few postulated links including the emergence of the multi-drug resistance fungus Candida auris, more patients with fungal problems and environmental spread of resistance in Aspergillus.

The widespread use of fungicides on crops was thought to be locally restricted problem, but massive wind, fire and tumultuous weather ensures wide dispersal of resistant strains. And the primary culprit Aspergillus fumigatus can easily tolerate temperatures up to 50C.

Other increasing drivers of fungal disease spread include dust storms, flooding of homes with mould growing on the walls and furniture and international travel. Even refugee crises will inevitably carry human to human-transmitted fungi across borders and disseminate them into susceptible populations.

More research on this topic is called for.